Mortons Lane Wind Farm is always looking for feedback as we are now part of the local community. We welcome any suggestions or complaints, please call or email us. Some Frequently Asked Questions are answered below.

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  7. Why Morton's Lane?
    The location of the wind farm was chosen since it is elevated with a relatively flat topography and therefore exhibits ideal wind speed for a wind farm. Additionally it is located in close proximity (less than 4km) to the electricity grid.
  8. How long will the wind farm be operating for?
    The lifespan of the project is 20 years. After this, the infrastructure could be decommissioned or replaced with newer technology.
  9. What environmental sustainability actions are taking place at the location of the wind farm?
    All environmental sustainability requirements have been adequately studied and prevention measures detailed in the Environmental Management Plan have been approved by the necessary authorities. For further details please contact us.
  10. What Cultural Heritage sustainability measures are required?
    A full cultural heritage survey has been performed across the site by the registered aboriginal party. Mitigation plans are being undertaken to meet the sustainability requirements and these have been approved by the appropriate authorities.
  11. Will there be a noise impact?
    As required by the conditions of approval for the construction of the wind farm background noise tests were completed prior to construction to determine the baseline for the noise impact of the wind farm. Post construction surveys were also taken out which have deemed the wind farm as noise compliant, as endorsed by the local councils.
  12. How much electricity will the wind farm produce?
    At maximum output, the wind farm will produce 19.5 megawatts or enough power to turn on 20,000 kettles at the same time. The project will provide 17,000 houses worth of renewable energy into the National Electricity Grid.
  13. Will the wind farm increase the risk of fire to the local area?
    As required by the conditions of approval for the construction of the wind farm the Country Fire Authority has specified the requirements to ensure fire safety and emergency response meets statutory standards. While there is no increased threat of fire, extra water tanks and continuous monitoring will be in place for the construction and operation of the wind farm. For further information please contact the CFA.
  14. Will there be any effect on TV reception?
    TV surveys have been completed prior and post construction of the wind farm and confirm that the quality of reception is not being affected.
  15. Where can I get more information?
    See http://en.cgnpc.com.cn/ and http://www.cgnwp.com.cn/ for more information on CGN Energy limited. Also see www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au for information about the wind industry in Australia.