Mortons Lane Wind Farm

Mortons Lane Wind Farm, invested and owned by CGN New Energy (CGNNE), consists of 13 Goldwind GW82/1500 wind turbines with generating capacity up to 19.5 megawatts. It can generate about 66GWh of clean electricity to power more than 4,000 households in Victoria and reduce up to 40,000t CO2 in one year of operation.

The Moyne and Southern Grampians Shires granted planning approval for the proposed Mortons Lane wind farm in June 2007. The planning permits issued by the Shires required the proponent to develop a series of management plans and demonstrate compliance with certain conditions prior to and following construction of the wind farm. All of these conditions have been met according to the approved management plans for implementing the project.

Within the first six months of operation, when generating at full power, Mortons Lane Wind Farm produced enough green energy to offset the amount of energy (CO2 equivalent) that was used to manufacture the turbines. Mortons Lane Wind Farm will then go on to produce clean energy for the next 20 years, helping Victoria and Australia meet its energy demands by utilising renewable sources.

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