Community Benefits

Mortons Lane Wind Farm appreciates the continued support and positive attitude from the local community towards the development, construction and operation of the wind farm. With the support of community, renewable energy developments will have a global impact on the reduction of carbon emissions. Together with our partners, we have worked hard to design the wind farm to ensure the best result with the least impact to the community and the environment.

Approximately 120 Australian workers contributed to the design, construction and operation of  Mortons Lane Wind Farm including employment of 25 to 30 local construction and operation workers. The outside labour force also gave a welcome boost to local business.

To date Mortons Lane Wind Farm has contributed over $50,000 to local community organisations including $10,000 towards the undertaking of a benchmark study of the behaviour of Brolga and Southern Bent-wind Bat and the cumulative impact of human activities on these species.

Mortons Lane Wind Farm is proud supporter of the local Woodhouse Fire Brigade. We are committed to working with the local community and CFA to keep the area protected from fire and other emergencies.

Mortons Lane Wind Farm looks forward to continue working with the local community in the future and is grateful for the ongoing cooperation and support.